Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Save Your Hair Edges

Bring your edges back from the edge and stop your hairline from disappearing in four easy steps:

  1. Release the Tension
Wearing your hair pulled back regularly and too tightly wreaks havoc on you hairline. Hairstyles like ponytails, high buns, braids, cornrows, and other related styles can cause damage overtime. To prevent this, loosen these styles up a little and look to minimize how frequently you use them. Speak up and let your stylist know to be gentle around your edges with these styles.

  1. Calm the Chemicals
If you having problems with your edges and you also use relaxers, make sure that your hairline areas is the last section that the relaxer is applied to. This will minimize the time that your edges are exposed to the chemicals. With problematic edges you should also limit or refrain from coloring your edges. Excessive coloring in conjunction with improper post treatments can cause severe breakage.  If you must color, coloring your hair one inch or two inches from the root is a better practice.

  1. Smooth Touch It!
Stop taming your edges with gel! The harshness from the alcohol in some gels can dry out your hair. Edge taming pomades are a better remedy.  Pomades allow you to have smooth edges without the hardness that gel causes.  You can use a soft brush or even a toothbrush to style your edges more gently. Tie a satin scarf around your head for 5-10 minutes to more obtain a more laid back look.

  1. The Nighttime Routine
We all have our nighttime rituals we employ to tie up and preserve our hair styles.  Be careful of routines that call for bonnets  as the banded parts typically lay directly on the hairline. The constant friction from the band against the hairline can result in hair breakage overtime. To prevent this try to re-position the band so that it lays further down on the forehead. As far as scarfs are concerned, they are fine as long as they are made of softer materials like silk or satin. Scarfs should be tied so that they are not overly tight and do not lay directly on hairline.

Follow these tips and you will keep your edges and hair Triched Out!

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Innovate Your Hair Color

Turning blah hair into Triched Out hair is as easy as innovating your color. Coloring your hair is a stylish and quick means of bringing life back to the look of your hair. Coloring has no limits; you can keep it to a minimum or go the max. Here are some trends that you can bring to the attention of your stylist.

1. Rinse it!  If you want to keep your same hair color but add life to it, try a semi-permanent color. Semis are great for adding luster back to dull hair. While semis are safe enough for you to use at home, let your stylist give it a professional touch.

2. Ombre! Ombre is an industry term for the graduation of hues. This new trend can give your hair a great flare. The blonde tipped look is currently the most popular Ombre effect. If you want something a little tamer than blonde, the Ombre effect can be used with many other shades. Reds, coppers, or shades of brown can all give you a unique and Triched Out look. Fear not all of you short hair rockers, you too can Ombre. The bang area and the tips of the strands that you like to spike are perfect places for your stylist to apply the Ombre effect.

3. Dip dye/Chalking! These techniques are for those looking to rock extreme colors. If you want colors that pop like pinks, purples, blues, or greens then you should dip dye. A great look can be achieved when you use a semi of your preferred color to coat just the tips of tresses. If you want a temporary solution than can be washed, chalking is your solution. Yes chalk, using pieces of whatever color you desire your stylist can literally color your hair. When water is properly added to the process even the darkest of hair will color.

Now that you have a few creative ideas of what you can do with color, it’s time to head to your stylist and get Triched Out! Keep an eye out for The “Maintaining Your Color” follow up article. If you enjoy these articles please follow Triched Out hair below:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gloom or Glamour: Dirty hair grows quicker than clean hair...

I had a client say to me the other day, pertaining to her doing her hair at home; I only wash my hair about once a month, only because dirty hair grows faster. What?!?!!?!!! That is so a path to hair Gloom!!! This is actually the worst thing to do. Having healthy hair starts with having a healthy foundation, the scalp. Being of ethnicity you want to refrain from drying out your hair from overly shampooing, so a once a week shampoo regiment is perfectly acceptable. Pushing it to every two weeks is also acceptable. Anything past two weeks threatens to gloom the health of your hair. Those of you rocking protective styles such as sew-ins and braids should limit how long you wear these styles to four weeks or less. Many of these protective styles do not allow for a regular hair care regiment to maintain the health of your scalp and hair. If you are going to go 3-4 weeks between shampoos, you should look to shake things up for the health of your hair. 

The bottom line is, having dirty hair is unhealthy and makes your hair harder to style. The natural oils your body produces, chemicals from products you use, and the pollution from the air, all buildup on your scalp and hair on a daily basis. As for styling, dirty hair is harder to curl, will not hold curls as long, and does not have the bounce and movement that well maintained hair offers. On average hair grows between 1/4 to 1/2 inches each month, regardless if it is dirty or clean. Triched Out Hair is all about you having the healthiest and most glamorous hair. This can only happen if you build your hair up on the best foundation. This starts with keeping your scalp healthy and clean so you can keep up those Triched Out hairstyles!!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hair Breakage!

hair Breakage
Hair Breakage
Hair breakage! Everyone has this problem at some point, so how do you prevent pushing your hair to The Breaking Point! Here are a few tips to keep your hair Triched Out!

1. Learn to shampoo your hair properly! You can section it if you need to, if your hair is too thick that may help. You want to eliminate the detangling you usually have after, during the shampoo. Shampoos containing moisture and detangling agents are great to accomplish this.

2. Thoroughly condition! You want to saturate your hair from the ends to root. When combing condition through make sure you use a WIDE TOOTH comb. Always remember to start combing from the ends working your way up as if you’re detangling.

3. Deep Conditioners and Hot Oil Treatments are essential! Let the conditioner sit, by covering it with a plastic cap along with sitting under a dryer for a few minutes. This process can change the life of your hair.  Adding drops of your favorite oil to the mixture can instantly infuse strands with extra moisture.  But if you’re like me and don’t like dryers you can just sit with the plastic cap for maybe about 30-60 minutes.

4. Heat! You want to keep heat to a minimum. Blow dryers, flat irons, wands, etc., use them in moderation. And take precaution in blow drying, damp hair is more prone to break if not handled properly. Flat irons or any other thermal styling tools can be used but they should only be used once a week or so and be sure to use them at the appropriate temperature for your hair. Also, remember to always use some heat protectant spray as well as a little oil to coat and protect your strands when you apply any type of heat to your hair.

5. Trims!!!! Trimming hair about every six weeks can help aid you in your hair growth. Split ends are like the plague, and you don’t want them to invade.  Snipping them is the only way to prevent the already damaged end from affecting the rest of your strands with the possibility of stunting the growth of your hair. Trimming your hair, as needed, will help keep it looking and feeling healthy.

These tips can help you have and maintain the Triched Out hair you desire. 

Triched Out Hair!

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Noun: The branch of medical and cosmetic study and practice concerned with the hair and scalp. 

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