Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Save Your Hair Edges

Bring your edges back from the edge and stop your hairline from disappearing in four easy steps:

  1. Release the Tension
Wearing your hair pulled back regularly and too tightly wreaks havoc on you hairline. Hairstyles like ponytails, high buns, braids, cornrows, and other related styles can cause damage overtime. To prevent this, loosen these styles up a little and look to minimize how frequently you use them. Speak up and let your stylist know to be gentle around your edges with these styles.

  1. Calm the Chemicals
If you having problems with your edges and you also use relaxers, make sure that your hairline areas is the last section that the relaxer is applied to. This will minimize the time that your edges are exposed to the chemicals. With problematic edges you should also limit or refrain from coloring your edges. Excessive coloring in conjunction with improper post treatments can cause severe breakage.  If you must color, coloring your hair one inch or two inches from the root is a better practice.

  1. Smooth Touch It!
Stop taming your edges with gel! The harshness from the alcohol in some gels can dry out your hair. Edge taming pomades are a better remedy.  Pomades allow you to have smooth edges without the hardness that gel causes.  You can use a soft brush or even a toothbrush to style your edges more gently. Tie a satin scarf around your head for 5-10 minutes to more obtain a more laid back look.

  1. The Nighttime Routine
We all have our nighttime rituals we employ to tie up and preserve our hair styles.  Be careful of routines that call for bonnets  as the banded parts typically lay directly on the hairline. The constant friction from the band against the hairline can result in hair breakage overtime. To prevent this try to re-position the band so that it lays further down on the forehead. As far as scarfs are concerned, they are fine as long as they are made of softer materials like silk or satin. Scarfs should be tied so that they are not overly tight and do not lay directly on hairline.

Follow these tips and you will keep your edges and hair Triched Out!

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