Thursday, December 6, 2012

Innovate Your Hair Color

Turning blah hair into Triched Out hair is as easy as innovating your color. Coloring your hair is a stylish and quick means of bringing life back to the look of your hair. Coloring has no limits; you can keep it to a minimum or go the max. Here are some trends that you can bring to the attention of your stylist.

1. Rinse it!  If you want to keep your same hair color but add life to it, try a semi-permanent color. Semis are great for adding luster back to dull hair. While semis are safe enough for you to use at home, let your stylist give it a professional touch.

2. Ombre! Ombre is an industry term for the graduation of hues. This new trend can give your hair a great flare. The blonde tipped look is currently the most popular Ombre effect. If you want something a little tamer than blonde, the Ombre effect can be used with many other shades. Reds, coppers, or shades of brown can all give you a unique and Triched Out look. Fear not all of you short hair rockers, you too can Ombre. The bang area and the tips of the strands that you like to spike are perfect places for your stylist to apply the Ombre effect.

3. Dip dye/Chalking! These techniques are for those looking to rock extreme colors. If you want colors that pop like pinks, purples, blues, or greens then you should dip dye. A great look can be achieved when you use a semi of your preferred color to coat just the tips of tresses. If you want a temporary solution than can be washed, chalking is your solution. Yes chalk, using pieces of whatever color you desire your stylist can literally color your hair. When water is properly added to the process even the darkest of hair will color.

Now that you have a few creative ideas of what you can do with color, it’s time to head to your stylist and get Triched Out! Keep an eye out for The “Maintaining Your Color” follow up article. If you enjoy these articles please follow Triched Out hair below: