tri·chol·o·gy /triˈkäləjē/ 
Noun: The branch of medical and cosmetic study and practice concerned with the hair and scalp.

Triched Out Hair is here to to explore the experiences that we go through when getting our hair styled. Triched Out Hair will help you to make smarter decisions to have healthier hair. In addition, we will look to bring you the facts while dispelling the myths and highlighting hot trends to meet your hair care goals. Whether you are a career gal or a stay at home mom, many of us seek out hair stylist to keep up our image. Every two weeks, six weeks, or in a time of transition for others, we head to our stylist's salon chair. Look good in your hair no matter if its weave or homegrown, natural or relaxed, short or long, or color by the bottle or by nature. We are excited for the opportunity to serve you on your unique hair journeys.

Cherlyn Hayes is the founder of Triched Out Hair and is a resident stylist at Flavors Hair Salon located in Eastman Georgia.